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Set ownership on user profile or home folders script

After spending half a day to create a Powershell script to set owner rights on the home folders of our users, I found out Powershell is unable to set owner permissions by showing the error “The security identifier is not allowed to be the owner of this object” every time. So the Powershell script below […]

Add or remove local user in SCCM OSD Task Sequence

Sometimes it is necessary to add a local user to your Windows image (like notebooks which must be used at external locations). You can create an image for SCCM with local users, but then you have another image with a different configuration. I think it’s cool everything can be managed with just one image, so […]

‘Google Update installation failed with error 0x800b010e’ when installing Google Earth plugin

When you downloaded the GoogleEarthPluginSetup.exe from the Google Earth plugin site and started it, you receive the error Google Update installation failed with error 0x800b010e. Cause The installer tries to download files from Google, but it can’t. The firewall is blocking this request. In my case, Microsoft Forefront TMG denies the download request because the […]

Set default keyboard layout through registry

There are ADM templates circulating on the Internet to configure your default keyboard layout by policy. These solutions work, but there are easier ways. Since Group Policy Preferences is here, which can be used from XP to Windows 7, importing registry settings was never this easy. So, follow these steps to import your keyboard layout […]

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