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Change management console language System Center 2012 products (ConfigMgr, VMM etc.)

This is an easy one. When starting the management console the language of the local OS will be detected. Then it will search if a language pack is present. When found, the corresponding language will be shown and troubleshooting will instantly become a lot harder (or you can just try to search for non-English errors, good luck).

Two solutions are possible to show the interface in English:

1. Change your OS  language from your control panel (Regional settings). Yes, that’s a solution, but of course you already thought about that and don’t want to. So, solution 2:

2. Rename the language pack folder within the install directory of your management console. Default language pack locations of SCCM and SCVMM 2012 management console:

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\[language_code]
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012: C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\Virtual Machine Manager\bin\[language_code]

Close the management console, rename the language pack folder corresponding to your current OS language, restart the console and the default language (English) will be shown.


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