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‘Google Update installation failed with error 0x800b010e’ when installing Google Earth plugin

When you downloaded the GoogleEarthPluginSetup.exe from the Google Earth plugin site and started it, you receive the error Google Update installation failed with error 0x800b010e.


The installer tries to download files from Google, but it can’t. The firewall is blocking this request. In my case, Microsoft Forefront TMG denies the download request because the installer authenticates itself against the firewall as an anonymous user.


If you have a personal firewall, try to disable it. If you have a firewall present in your company network and you do no want to change it’s settings for only this Google installer, try the following:

1. Download or copy the GoogleEarthPluginSetup.exe installer to a PC with a direct connection to the Internet (for example, a laptop connected through a mobile phone or a public WiFi network).

2. Start the GoogleEarthPluginSetup.exe installer.

3. The installer now downloads it’s files from the Internet. Wait for the installer to finish downloading.

4. Go to Start / Run and type in: %temp%  This will open your temporary files folder.

5. Search for the folder ._msigeplugin60. This folder contains all of the files you need for installing the Google Earth plugin. You can copy this files (for example by using a flash drive) to a location on your network or the computer you tried to install the plugin.

6. Run the .msi or .exe file to install the Google Earth plugin. If you want to package this for use in SMS or SCCM,  you can use the following command line:

MSIEXEC.exe /i “”Google Earth.msi”” /passive /norestart


  1. Chris's Gravatar Chris
    January 31, 2012    

    Thanks for posting this. Helped me out. Cheers

  2. Edward Kurylenko's Gravatar Edward Kurylenko
    September 18, 2012    

    This solved the problem that wasn´t fixed even by Gooble Earth.

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