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Oracle Jinitiator and Internet Explorer 8

When you try to load a java application which depends on Jinitiator, Internet Explorer 8 will crash with the message: Java Runtime Environment cannot be loaded from <\bin\hotspot\jvm.dll>”.

Unfortunately, Oracle has stopped supporting Jinitiator on IE8. In my own company, this meant a critical application for customer support could not be used with Windows 7, which supplies IE8 as default. Of course there alternatives such as Windows XP mode or streaming with a seamless Citrix window, but after a while I found a better solution.

In my scenario I’m using Oracle Jinitiator Just install Jinitiator as you normally would do. Now the solution is to replace the jvm.dll file with another version. These versions can be found in the Java RE installations in the ‘client’ folder:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre\bin\client

Copy the jvm.dll file from this folder to the following folder:

32-bit: C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot\
64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot\

For me the jvm.dll from Java version 1.5.0 update 12 worked perfectly. It can be downloaded here.

Check if your application works in IE8. If you’re using an 64-bit machine, be aware to start the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer.

If it’s still not working, try another jvm.dll version. Just check the Java archive at Oracle for other Java RE versions. Once your application is working, it’s worth the effort of figuring out.


  1. Ian's Gravatar Ian
    April 27, 2011    

    You are a genious!!, thanks!

    • NRod's Gravatar NRod
      November 17, 2016    

      I agree, you’re a genius!

  2. wltk's Gravatar wltk
    April 28, 2011    

    thanks very much :)

  3. Adrian's Gravatar Adrian
    April 29, 2011    

    Thanks a lot, you’re a life saver!

    Besdt regards,

  4. donis's Gravatar donis
    June 21, 2011    


    I am currently looking for alternative ways of achieving the same thing. Doesanyone knows what the security issues are by replacing the jmv.dll?
    Is a supported solution for corporation?

    Many thanks

  5. chester's Gravatar chester
    June 27, 2011    

    thanks a lot, our application is now working.

  6. rkore's Gravatar rkore
    July 22, 2011    

    thanks, it worked with IE8, WIN7

  7. sai(Database Admin)'s Gravatar sai(Database Admin)
    August 30, 2011    

    hi Buddy

    It worked absoultely fine. Thanks on it.

    We used to get tickets from the clients that there Internet Explorer(Esp IE8) is not allowing them to access the Forms, ie., the forms are not getting loaded.

    The thing here is the internet explorer pervents the required action. The above suggestion perfectly works.

    Very much Useful. I got an appreciation from the team for fixing the issue with client machine :)

    Thanks again

  8. Ilias's Gravatar Ilias
    August 30, 2011    

    Hi all,

    I have been working on this issue for quite a while now and I have managed to use similar procedure (superseding jvm) however in an much complex enterprise environment. There are some small problems that you will still need to use a simple workaround however it is only affecting few models of machines.

    If it is ok with the author of this blog, may I post my similar but thorough implementation of the fix??



    • Paolo's Gravatar Paolo
      August 31, 2011    

      Hello Ilias,

      This is fine by me.



    • sai(Database Admin)'s Gravatar sai(Database Admin)
      September 2, 2011    

      Sure Ilias
      That would be intriguing.


  9. Ilias's Gravatar Ilias
    September 2, 2011    

    Subject: JInitiator, Oracle Business Suite 10g
    Tested OS: Win 7 Enterprise 32 & 64 bit
    JVM dll: ——————————–
    Author: Ilias E Mullalli (
    Section: IT
    Date Created: 30-Aug-11

    Most of the large enterprises are required to run Line of Oracle Web-applications e.g. Oracle E-Business Suite, which depends on the old JInitiator to access forms within the browser. Due to the cost of upgrading their applications, they are still using Windows XP platform and Internet Explorer 6.

    In our company, we decided to migrate some of our machines to Windows 7 Enterprise. By doing so, we realised that after launching the IE8 and navigating to our application, it crashed, which was business critical issue.The reason of the crash as most of you will already know was the jvm.dll.

    I am very lucky as I understand very well how Java Platforms run. I got a different version of jvm.dll from Sun to see whether it would correspond as expected, and actually did.

    However, it wasn’t as perfect as you would have expected.
    I did some research on the net and come across quite few websites but the main two were:

    I collated a mixture of feedback after users had replaced the jvm.dll and some of the the comments are listed below.

    “It still keeps crashing”
    “The screen keeps repainting”
    “IE8 rendering keeps flickering”
    “The theme changes to basic mode”
    “I get ora-xx error”
    “Jvm doesn’t load”
    “Normal users cannot use it unless the belong in the admin group” and so on.

    Some other solutions that were tried are listed below. (It could possibly help other enterprises, so they know what else is out there)

    1. Citrix solution to deliver application to end user. Not the most efficient way as it involves additional logins for the user plus the annual cost (£80K). Also, streaming application is not the most preferred way in a business environment.

    2. Browsium – UniBrows

    It is a very clever web-extension and local application that allows you to run IE6 within IE8 platform side by side. The problems with the application were quite a few. Some of them were:

    a) When tabbing application just crashes
    b) When Oracle Business Suite generates unique reports it doesn’t understand the command, therefore nothing to view
    c) Lots of headers scripting which could invalidate data input
    d)DEP/NX is only disabled when Browsium extension is used, but still it could potentially probe in a security vulnerability.

    3. Med-V
    A decent clever application, but not very user friendly as the amount of time it took to launch the IE was too slow, especially for a corporate environment.

    I must admit, I have been working on this issue days and nights for the last 2 months and was a very hard task; however I am glad that I did as I managed to come to an end. :)



    If you are using a 64-bit OS make sure to lunch IE8 32-bit.

    1. Run IE8 as an administrator to do that press and hold Ctrl+Shift and click IE8 shortcut at the taskbar and click yes on the UAC window.

    2. Go to tools->Pop-up Blocker->Pop-up blocker settings and add “*.YourWebsiteOfTheApplication.xx” and close.

    3. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level->Disable XSS Filters (3 from the bottom) and press ok and then yes.

    4. Go to Trusted Sites (green tick), click on sites, and add http(s):/Yourwebsite.xx

    5. Next go to Advanced Tab and do the following:
    a) Untick Enable Third-party browser extensions
    b) Tick Reuse windows for launching shortcuts
    c) Untick Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks

    Click OK, and close the browser.

    TIP: Please note that the above settings are only modified to ensure successful installation of the JInitiator. We will change this setting to default once we are done, therefore there is not worry about any security issues.

    Below we have two options, depending how you JInitiator is installed.

    6. OPTION 1
    If the installation of the JInitiator takes place when you type the URL in the address bar do the following

    i) Open IE 8 and go to the site
    ii) Click on the yellow prompt toolbar, Install this addon for all users on this computer and click ok.
    iii) When UAC prompt click yes and wait few seconds until it loads the setup

    6. OPTION 2
    If you have a copy of the JInitiator application

    i) Right click the application, go to properties, compatibility, then select “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows XP service pack 3) and ok.
    ii) When UAC prompt click yes and wait few seconds until it loads the setup

    7. Follow setup wizard, and just accept default by clicking next.

    8. A windows will pop-up saying that the Installation is complete just press ok.

    9. If the Jinitiator screen hangs and is saying Installing Oracle Jinitiator version xxx just close the window. When asked, click Exit Setup. (Ignore this option if the window installation window closes)

    11. If you were installing it through IE8 close the Internet explorer and click OK, otherwise go to the next step.

    12. I am using same version (apart from update) as Paolo, so follow the steps described above to replace the jvm.dll.

    13. Run IE8 as an administrator to do that press and hold Ctrl+Shift and click IE8 shortcut at the taskbar and click yes on the UAC window.

    14. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced and either click on Reset to reset the settings, or manually put them back as they were. Re-start IE8.

    15. Go and access your web application. If everything works ok then you can skip the steps below.

    16. If the navigation through the forms is not working, or the rendering on the page is very bad do the following:
    a) Close IE8, go to control panel, change the category to small icons, double click JInitiator Control.
    b) In the basic tab, In the Parameter box type the following:
    -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true, then apply and close the window.

    17. You may need to restart the PC before you see the difference.

    18. Go to the URL and see the change… Voilà…Here we go, done.

    If the windows theme keeps change to basic mode and you are annoyed with this do the following:

    a. Run cmd with admin privileges (you can search for cmd and hold cltr+shift and press enter)
    b.) Type “sc config uxsms start= disabled” without the quotes and press enter. This disables the services for the pretty effects that you get.

    All commands that can be used for dwm are:
     Stop Service net stop uxsms
     Start Service net start uxsms
     Disable Service sc config uxsms start= disabled
     Enable Service sc config uxsms start= auto

    Depending the version of JInitiator that your application supports, you may need a different copy of the jvm.dll. If the above one doesn’t work then you may need to try another version.

    If for any reasons something doesn’t work or you have any queries, please let me know.

    I would like to thank Paolo, the author of the thread, and Sai, Database Admin) for letting me post this solution in this existing thread.

    Many Thanks


  10. John's Gravatar John
    September 6, 2011    


    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Ilias for this amazing solution.

    We had the same problem at my company and we were unable to make our web-application work due to the graphic card.

    Thank you so much, my company is delighted and everyone is saying well done and keep it up.



    • ilias's Gravatar ilias
      November 16, 2011    

      You are welcome John.

      Thank you for the email and feedback. I am delighted that for the last two months you company is using this, and you didn’t have any errors. Please feel free to post directly on this blog instead, so other users can evaluate its stability.

      Many Thanks


  11. manoj's Gravatar manoj
    October 9, 2011    

    Works like a charm :) Thanks a ton!

  12. uli's Gravatar uli
    November 10, 2011    

    thank you so much, it works!!!! :)

  13. ilias's Gravatar ilias
    November 14, 2011    

    Hi all,

    I am very glad that the solution worked for you. It would be very benifitial if you can provide some feedback on the day to day use. It will help individulas and other major corporation prior to migrating.

    For instance:

    Have you been using it on an individual or corporate level?
    How long have been using it for?
    Have any debbuging errors or API stack has occured at any time?

    I will be more than happy to check any errors that may have occured and try to anylise them and post the any results/suggestions here.

    Many Thanks


  14. ilias's Gravatar ilias
    November 16, 2011    

    You are more than welcome. Please feel free to provide any feeback and please do recommend this blog to other individuals or businesses.

    Many Thanks


  15. November 25, 2011    

    anyone tested this solution with IE9 / Windows 7 ?

    I urgently need a solution for the JInitiator freeze (from Control Panel, double click the icon), or IE9 crash.

    Michele –

  16. ilias's Gravatar ilias
    December 7, 2011    

    Hi Michele,

    I haven’t tested the solution on IE9 as most of the businesses will initially migrate to IE8 for quite a long term.

    May I ask why do you need to use IE9? IE8 is supported by Windows 7 and the workaround works as a treat.
    As a suggestion, if you want to try and apply the workaround from scratch on IE9, try booting your PC in safe mode and see whether that allows you to make the changes in the control p-anel, Jinitiator control and let us know how you get on.
    If you are strugling please send me an email and when I have some spare time I will do the testing.



  17. Abhishek's Gravatar Abhishek
    January 9, 2012    

    Thanks …

  18. omstupa's Gravatar omstupa
    January 18, 2012    

    it’s worked for e…
    thank you …

  19. Sanjay's Gravatar Sanjay
    April 6, 2012    

    Brillient buddy… its really helpful…


    July 12, 2012    

    thanks …great work :-)

  21. Redler's Gravatar Redler
    July 26, 2012    

    We too are in urgent need of a fix for the problem launching forms using IE 9 64-bit on Win 7 for EBS 11.5.9.

    We have recently upgraded to on test phase. Also looking how we can implement Java Native Plug-in on for IE 9 64-bit again.

    Thanks in advance !!

    Warm Regards,

  22. Dhe's Gravatar Dhe
    August 3, 2012    

    Thank you so much for this, it works for Oracle :-)

  23. PARDEEP's Gravatar PARDEEP
    January 9, 2013    

    Thanks a lot. Worked like charm. The jvm.dll given by you worked for me.

  24. ourmbasystem's Gravatar ourmbasystem
    February 7, 2013    

    Hi, You are champion

  25. March 9, 2013    

    Dear all

    I am using oracle 10g app server, my form is running in web but actually look like not web form so, i want to display oracle 10g fmx form in web browser please help me.

  26. OneX's Gravatar OneX
    April 28, 2013    

    I’m using Jinitiator on Windows 8 and IE10. I’ve downloaded the jvm.dll file submitted and my problem is solved.


  27. Waldir's Gravatar Waldir
    May 15, 2013    

    Thanks this link, replacing the solved my problem after spending a lot of time trying hard. I am on Windows 7 64-bit and IE9.

    For those with similar Windows/IE combination to mind that still has issues after replacing the JVM.DLL file, try the steps in this documented link below. I am 100% this helped me a great deal too.

    Good luck,

  28. OracleApps's Gravatar OracleApps
    May 20, 2013    

    Hi Waldir,

    Which Oracle Applications version you were trying to open on Windows7 64bit IE9?


  29. OracleApps's Gravatar OracleApps
    May 22, 2013    

    Can anyone confirm that 11.5.9 Oracle Application Forms can be accessible on Windows 7 64bit with IE8 32bit browser? Please suggest.

  30. Badri's Gravatar Badri
    June 12, 2013    

    Thanks ……………….

  31. umesh's Gravatar umesh
    June 24, 2013    

    Thank you very much sir!

  32. mohamed's Gravatar mohamed
    July 16, 2013    

    i tested it on windows 8
    it works

  33. Arun's Gravatar Arun
    July 27, 2013    

    Hi Paolo,

    Thanks a lot for your help.I had tried with so many JVM versions it hasnt worked.Finally the one you have provided helped me in resolving the issues.

    After a week long struggle it worked.


  34. Hakimuddin Hakimji's Gravatar Hakimuddin Hakimji
    December 5, 2013    


  35. Adrian's Gravatar Adrian
    December 25, 2013    

    Worked for me. Thanks!

  36. shameem's Gravatar shameem
    April 15, 2014    

    thank u man,

    i just replace jvm.dll from source folder with your jvm.dll

    it is working fine in ie10 windows 7 64 bit

  37. Dhimas's Gravatar Dhimas
    December 13, 2014    

    thank you its work….

  38. March 10, 2015    

    Thanks!! It’s working now!!!

  39. Alex's Gravatar Alex
    March 11, 2015    

    Thank you very much! It works.

    From Russia with Love))

  40. adit's Gravatar adit
    March 13, 2015    

    thanks you very much.. It’s work for me

  41. Sai's Gravatar Sai
    June 16, 2016    

    Hi please help me out with the below error :Java Runtime Environment cannot be loaded from /bin/hotspot/jvm.dll

    JAVA 6u21 & Jnit 1.3.26 installed in the system .System configuration-64bit -IE11 .
    I have replaced the JVM.dll file getting the highlighted error . please check and help me out with the solution.

  42. Parvez's Gravatar Parvez
    February 9, 2017    

    Hi ,
    i m getting this error some time in oracle ,
    FRM-92100 : your connection to the server was interrupted,
    this may be the result of network error,or a failure on the server,
    you will need to restablish your session
    and the solution for that is change the user profile , and in new user profile it is working fine ,can u guys have any other solutionfor that please help me

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